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Send from Bali is a cargo company in Bali that offers the solution to all your shipping needs. With more than 8 years of experience in International Cargo Shipping, Send from Bali is your trusted cargo in Bali. Send from Bali is specialized in Door to Door Shipping worldwide. We have a global network of forwarding agents which we trust and use, to make shipping for you as convenient as possible. If you want no more hassle, hidden fees or logistical problems, send us an inquiry now.

“Give your clients the earliest delivery consistent with quality – whatever the inconvenience to us.”

-Artur C. Nielsen-

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  • Door to Door
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  • Customer Service
  • Flexible
  • Easy Communication

Door to Door Shipping

Shipping goods from one country to another can be a hassle. You need to make sure goods are picked up, packed with care, fumigated, sent to the right destination and pay for it.

Once goods arrived in the country of destination, you need to contact an agent or fill in all the paperwork yourself in order to clear the goods. Everything has to be indicated perfectly otherwise clearing your goods can be a costly affair.

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Easy Shipping

Send from Bali offers a ‘one roof solution’ for your excess luggage and souvenirs from Bali.

We offer shipping Door to Door to any destination in the world. Paintings, clothing, Buddha’s or even pets, we will make sure your belongings arrive safely.

Have a look at the services we offer and use the contact form to make an inquiry.

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We tailor our handling and service to match your deadlines

What We Do

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Internship Program.

Our internship opportunities enable you to use what you’ve learned, expand your knowledge and benefit from invaluable on-the-job experience. They are a great way to explore the career choices that lie ahead of you. All interns placed at Send from Bali are going through our sister company Internship Bali.  In order to do your internship with Send From Bali you will have to apply first on the website: www.internshipbali.com


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We Sell Boxes

We sell boxes in a range of sizes which you may need when storing your goods or moving house.

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